Maurico’s Mom Takes on Peggy Sulahian And It’s A Whole Sack Full of California Crazy

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TRIGGER WARNING: This post will touch on some things that involve politics, the POTUS, homophobes, racists, Zionists, misogyny, the most recent housewife and other disturbing topics. If you come here to get away from all of that sort of crap, please click here to go to a safe space and do not reopen the post. 

I have been trying to get to the pig blood market all day. In fact, I will probably stop this recap and leave to do just that before I finish this up, but first I wanted to let you know the RHOBH/RHOOC adjacent news that is all over the Internet and give you a place to talk about it. I’ll be providing links to some of the relevant arenas where the fighting is happening.

Maurico’s Mother, Dr. Estella Sneider, is to blame for the current uproar. She took to Facebook to let us know that Peggy Sulahain has a gay brother who she hates because Peggy hates gay people. For a bit I thought that was the whole story. But then I realized after browsing Estella’s social media that Bravo has mislead us on RHOBH portraying Estella as the kind counselor who steps in to gently guide the family during difficult times. If you check out her Twitter, you will find that she is THE ANTI CHER. In case you don’t know Cher, as in Sonny and…., spends a lot of time on Twitter arguing with strangers about how great liberals are and how republicans are all going to hell. Estella is the exact opposite of that. She is a rapid supporter of Trump. She spends a lot of time on social media spewing her love and admiration for Trump. I believe both Cher and Estella have some degree of dementia. 

Pol’ Atteu, Peggy Sulahain’s gay brother, was Anna Nicole Smith’s personal designer and friend who appeared on her reality show. Clearly Estella is a fan of his designs. His website also lists Claudia Jordan as a client among many others. Pol’ is engaged to Patrik Simpson.

The short version of Estella’s Facebook rant is that last December, Peggy and Pol’s father died and Peggy and Diko had not even told Pol’ he was gravely ill. Pol’ was not allowed to sit in the family seating area at the funeral. Patrik was barely allowed in the service at all and was not allowed to sit next to his partner and comfort him. Patrick was told to stay back from the grave at the burial. Neither Pol’ nor Patrik were allowed at the gathering following the burial.

That is the gist of it.

As long as we are on the forbidden subject of politics, I am horrified that the POTUS just randomly announced this morning that transgender people cannot serve in the military. He has no comment on the thousands of transgender people who serve in the military currently and if they will be kicked out. The White House press briefing today was horrific as well. Sara Huckabee Sanders threatened to end the whole briefing if people didn’t stop asking about the new transgender ban plan of Trumps.

Anyway, I was already not liking Peggy and Diko. This certainly doesn’t endear me to them any further.

And now I am off to the Pig Blood Market.

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